Wimbledon - Puddle! Puddle! Puddle!

Our Week in the Forest...

Bouncing from one glorious puddle to another, the Little Forest Folk relished the soggy days returning to the their woody home. Adorning their cherubic faces with droplets of luscious mud, the Little Forest Folk sought out all of the wet and sodden places for their play and explorations.
What does a planet look like? Where do the mice go? Why is Mr Mole getting angrier and angrier? These are a smattering of the questions and areas of investigation that the Little Forest Folk set about answering this week.
Wet. After a long stretch of heat and sun, the rain this week brought some different fun. “Puddle! Puddle! Puddle!” was the initial rallying cry from the children and it was brilliant watching the children jumping from one tiny puddle to the next, getting happier and wetter as they went along. It is surprising how big a splash can be made from 5mm of water!
Off on an adventure, the children headed down to troll country with the rickety bridges and swamps that are native of this land. Searching for these mythical creatures was tremendously exciting and the Little Forest Folk had to be very wary. While searching for the trolls, the children stumbled across the muddy remains of a pond: they’ve seen it full in autumn (look out for the crocodiles!), frozen in winter and now lacking water in summer. There was plenty of the right sort of mud (who knew there were various mud types!?!) and all those who left on the walk came back with beautifully plastered wellies, waterproofs and, in some cases, hands and faces!

Colourful. Drawing in the forest is a popular thing to do, whether with sticks, fingers or pens and pencils. This week, however, the children have been sinking their fingers into chalks and these versatile drawing tools and coming up trumps with their colourful efforts.
One of the most significant activities, led by one particular child whose knowledge of space and the planets is impressive, was the colouring and creation of the planets using the chalks and logs to represent different planets. Blues and greens were used to make the Earth, and several children got involved in ensuring the planet was totally covered in its land and water. Other children took the white chalks to colour the moon log and even a Mars log was prepared.
Fast.  The children have navigated the forest at great speed this week. This week saw a helping hand to zoom through the woods with the setting up of a zip wire! The children were enthralled by this wondrous piece of apparatus and they queued up patiently to have their turn shooting across a riverbed, suspended in the air. The fun and games are endless with imaginations and abilities like our children!

Nursery world awards 2017

We are incredibly excited and proud to announce that Little Forest Folk are finalists in the 2017 Nursery World Awards in the following categories:
Nursery of the year
Health and Wellbeing
Online & Social Media
Newcomer of the year – Liam Bartlett educator at Little Forest Folk Wimbledon
Newcomer of the year – David Trillo educator at Little Forest Folk Wimbledon

Winners will be announce in the Autumn!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Little Forest Folk