Wimbledon - squiggle monster and a pan

Our Week in the Forest...

The Forest Folk went to the woods,
And the weather they found, it was good,
So they played through the day,
In a messy, muddy way,
And went home for dinner and puds!

Whether the weather has been good or bad, the fun that’s been had, all week and with all children, has again surpassed all expectations of how children can learn and play and have a brilliant time whether they know the person they’re playing with or not! Holiday camps always seem to bring the best out of the children, both campers and our regulars, and it creates new and exciting opportunities for all – mixing up what we consider can be done with our wonderful woody resources!
Build. When the forest needs a trim from time to time, it gives the children, and the adults, a range of new tools and materials to play with and stretches our imaginations as to what is possible in the forest.  This week saw the use of strong, light willow branches as excellent den building materials. The children worked collaboratively to put up a den in the imagination tree and those that found branches trickier to move were quickly aided by their friends and building partners.
And if a den wasn’t enough to give the children their building fix, a pirate ship was assembled by many little hands in the middle of the sea of grass, another name for the meadow. The children set their sights high and weren’t deterred by construction materials that might be a little heavier than they could manage – the adults were brought to bear as additional labour! The ship was big enough for 15 children and even had a flag drawn by one, giving it their own skull-and-crossbones design.

Chis 13.04.jpg

Collect. After our hen losing her nest last week, the children took on the task of making and designing some of their own little nests to collect any eggs of egg-shaped stones that may be in the forest. It’s always tricky using scissors but the children have persisted well in making the cuts they needed and some even took on the bigger challenge of cutting out a whole circle! With the addition of some double-sided cello tape, the children formed little cones and then with a bit more tape, set about collecting the necessary things to make soft, warm nests for any prospective eggs or chicks. Grass, hay, flowers and small twigs were all used and carefully and conscientiously stuck down to make the eggs as happy as they could possibly be.
Collecting presents for parents is always a favourite thing for our children to do and our bumper crop of blue, purple and yellow flowers (Forget-me-nots, bluebells and dandelions) will be making their way to a vase near you as the children choose the very best for you.
Overheard. Often in the forest the children really give us adults cause for pause with their wisdom and insights into their world and the world around them in the forest. Things overheard this week were:
“Dusty dusty.”
Said by two children while they proceeded to dust all of the trees and plants on the way into the forest, using fallen Oak branches.
“You’re invited to camouflage land, but you can’t see anything there because everything is camouflage.”
Somewhere to visit next time you’re in Fishpond Woods … if you can find it!
“Er a squiggle monster and a pan.”
The new characters in a puppet show created by the children. Unfortunately for the squiggle monster, it was the right size to fit into the pan.
“A crocodile bit it but I bopped him on the nose.”
A child’s response to how she ended up with a plaster on her finger.

Food in the forest:

Our full April menu can be found on our website HERE 

Monday's tasty lunch:

Roasted marinated sweet pepper and butter bean dip
Blended with extra virgin olive oil, served with breadsticks and crudités. 
Generous amount of roasted peppers give a lovely sweetness, along with lots of olive oil, lemon juice and garlic. 


 Happy egg hunting!  

Little Forest Folk