Wimbledon - Wonders of Autumn



Our week in the forest

We have continued to enjoy all the wonders of the autumn season this week! With more leaves falling every day it has been a joy to watch the children get creative with this wonderful resource! We have seen fallen leaves used as ingredients to add to mud kitchen creations, watched children discussing colours and sorting/categorising them, covered ourselves in them, thrown them up to create leaf rain-showers and enjoyed the simple pleasure of jumping piles of leaves! Nikki brought a rake into the forest yesterday which only added to the leaf fun! Children spent ages taking turns 'tidying' the forest before transporting the leaves round in wheelbarrows. 

Another really popular activity this week have been the various swings that we have set up. The children have always loved the swings and this week we set some of them up differently to provide more of a challenge. The children really seemed to enjoy testing their strength and agility on a trapeze swing and we had lots of gorgeous collaborative play around a tyre swing as more than one could use this at any time. 

Adventure walks are stills very popular choice for many children. On Wednesday a group of children went out on a mission to find perfect den building logs. They came across a great pile which they they had to figure out how to bring back to fire. This saw lots of conversations around which child was strongest, could carry the heaviest load and a discussion about size and weight. The next day we revisited this and instead of building a den the children got very creative and built an amazing log structure which became a variety of things over the week. It has been a house, a boat, a spaceship...endless opportunities!


Just a reminder that next week is our holiday camp so we are closed to our sessional families (part from those of you that booked a space, of course!). We will miss all of our sessional children but will looking forward to hearing about all of your half term adventures!

Dressing for the weather

Brrr....it has been a cold week! We recommend packing a pair of gloves, a hat and an extra warm layer (jumper/fleece) into your child's bag next week, just in case!

As a guideline next week the children should be wearing:

  • One pair of comfortable trousers (jogging bottoms or leggings)
  • One long sleeve top
  • One fleecy zip up jacket 
  • One pair of socks
  • Wellies 
  • Their waterproof layer

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk