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Our Week in the Forest...

January has arrived and with it comes a new year and crisp mornings, bringing an opportunity for adventure outside and play. Our forest is once again alive with the sounds of children after it’s quiet Christmas slumber.
Our Little Forest Folk-ers have been busy over the two day week with a toy making project. The children have been drawing their designs on paper and have been talking to educators about them. Sam and Spike carried a large dead branch into base camp and the children decided this would be the best material to construct their toys with. They used their designs to cut lengths of wood and Virginia helped children to use their drills so they could make holes and add items to their log. This helps bring art and design together for children so they can be innovative and create things original to them. However, the children also experienced that it didn’t matter if the end product was different to their design, the true joy is the process of being creative!

Wimbledon 04:01:2019 1.jpeg

Some sand timers provided children with hours of fun as they watched and recorded how many swings could be taken in two minutes, how many jumps over the rope can happen in three minutes and how long it takes to run in a circle before you get dizzy! This maths opportunity was extended as they recorded their results on chalk boards.
We would like to wish everyone a wonderful New Year, we’re very excited for the adventures that 2019 will bring!

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Little Forest Folk