Wimbledon - Sailing the Seven Seas

Our Week in the Forest...

What a magnificent week we’ve had in our sunny forest. The Little Forest Folk-ers had great fun Sailing the Seven Seas (or Fishponds!) at the start of the week, with lots of complicated knot tying being done to make the pirate boats ship shape. Building ships may be hard work but the children have loved constructing their own boats from the resources at hand. The children have really stretched themselves too with thinking about the points of the compass and using these to figure out which way to sail! In addition, the children have taken this play opportunity to make swords and bows to fend off dangerous sharks and whales!

Wimb 29.06 a.jpeg

Our explorers even discovered a spider’s nest so the children decided to protect it by making a boundary with logs, allowing plenty of space to observe the little baby spiders but preventing anyone getting too close. 

This Friday we had a very exciting day trip to Deen City Farm. The children made some new friends, there were lots of animals to say hello to; goats, sheep, guinea pigs, rabbits and pigs "oink oink"! We all had a fantastic time in a new environment, it was great fun exploring the farm!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wimb 29.06 B.jpeg

Little Forest Folk