Wimbledon - Screen printing

Our Week in the Forest...

We have enjoyed such a variety of experiences in the forest this week, it’s difficult to narrow it down for the newsletter!

The children have been requesting to go on adventure walks again, which the educators have been quick to accommodate, as we love them too! As mentioned last week, the children are really enjoying the cool space down by the stream which they call ‘the beach’. Some lucky adventurers even took snacks out with them so they could enjoy their snack on the move!

Wimbledon 25:05:2018 1.PNG

We introduced screen-printing into the forest this week, which the children have absolutely adored.  Xiao taught them how to use the instrument to create pictures and those who were waiting were encouraged to find natural ‘treasures’ to stick onto their artwork as well. We will definitely be doing more of this in future!

On Wednesday, we had a fire in the forest, one of our favourite activities! The children were great at recognising what type of wood they required for the fire and seemed to enjoy sorting them according to size and whether they were ‘fast burn’ or ‘slow burn’.
All in all, it’s been a wonderful week in the forest. We look forward to seeing some new faces next week for holiday camp and wish anyone going away for the week a lovely time.

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Little Forest Folk