Wimbledon - splash of colour

Our Week in the Forest...

“It’s a wedding cake!”, beamed two children stood over a pile of mud on the ground, a spray of freshly picked buttercups giving a splash of colour to their creation. Several sticks that stood proudly on top caused an educator to ask, “And what are these?”, to which the children responded, “They are the birthday candles, can’t you see?”.
The two children then asked the educator to stand and watch as they had their first dance to “Happy Birthday to you”, and then it was time to cut the cake. It felt like a shame to watch them destroy this thing of beauty they had created but when the loose mud and a buttercup became a bed for a poorly bee, it reminded us how versatile and open-ended resources have to be to keep up with children as their imaginative play allows them to transform roles and scenarios fluidly throughout the day. 

Wimbledon 07:06:2019 1.jpeg

Digging was a big interest this week and the exciting arrival of some new red spades allowed a team of archaeologists to move in to an existing hole and excavate pebbles and sticks which represented bones, teeth and dinosaur eggs. Boy did a lot of eggs become unearthed. It was no surprise that the next day saw lots of Little Dinosaur Folk-ers running around the meadow chasing their friends, growling and bearing their terrifying teeth in a true ‘Where the Wild Things are’ rumpus! 
We hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

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Little Forest Folk