Autumn/Winter Kit List


We will be outdoors all day, every day, come rain or shine! To ensure our children are comfortable and prepared, please bring the following items to nursery every day, labelled with your child's name and leave valuables at home:

  • Wellies or sturdy footwear (no open toed footwear).
  • Complete change of clothes (including socks) in a small backpack that campers are able to carry into our site
  • Reusable water bottle, full of water, labeled with your child’s name.
  • Medication must be handed over to staff and will be kept in a locked box onsite (where possible, please administer all medication prior to drop off). 

What to wear?

Autumn Time

As the weather becomes colder in Autumn we want to make sure the children are warm.

  • We provide your child with quality waterproofs to go over their clothes
  • One pair of comfortable trousers (jogging bottoms or leggings)
  • One long sleeved t-shirt or top
  • One thick jumper
  • One fleecy zip up jacket  (in a backpack just in case)
  • One pair of socks
  • Wellies / sturdy closed toe shoes (which you don't mind getting wet and muddy!)

On days when there is any rain or drizzle, as we often encounter lots of mud on our way into the forest, we would ask you to drop the children off dressed in their waterproofs as we do need to leave on time and don't want your child to get their clothes wet or muddy before we even start the day!

Winter time

To keep the children nice and toasty throughout the winter time we always say, layers. layers. layers!

  • Base layer - thermals (M&S do a good thermal range)
  • Next bottom layer - fleece or other warm tracksuit bottoms 
  • First top layer - long sleeve t-shirt or top
  • Second top layer - fleece jumper 
  • Third top layer - fleece jacket
  • Final layer - Little Forest Folk waterproofs which are provided

Extra layers - a neck scarf is a good idea 

Feet - in average weather we recommend wellies with 2 pairs of socks. The bottom a thin cotton sock then top sock a thick wool or fluffy bed sock, similar to those sold next to the checkout at H&M. Jojo Maman Bebe does great wellies and don't forget that Little Forest Folk parents enjoy a 10% discount at Jojo Maman Bebe But in cold weather we recommend welly socks and unless it's really wet, snow boots can be warmer than wellies. Jojo Maman Bebe does great snow boots which teamed with a pair of their welly socks to keep warm. We also recommended Melton Snow Boots from The Happy Little Soles Company, Little Forest Folk families can enjoy 10% discount at checkout if they purchase online.

Heads - A good hat is a must. Jojo Maman Bebe have lovely warm hats which aren't waterproof but we can always pop their hoods up on those occasional wet days. 

Gloves - we experimented a lot with gloves last year. Obviously the best suggestion to keep warm is lovely thick waterproof ski gloves. If you have a child who will wear those, fabulous news. We discovered that most children don't like the curtailment of freedom that they feel in such bulky gloves so we find ourselves recommending sending little ones with a multipack of gloves that can be bought from H&M. On cold days pop a layer of fleece mittens on top, that should keep them warm. As gloves can get wet during fun playing with mud, we ask you to please ensure you have lots of spare pairs in their bags from approximately October onwards.

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