Chiswick - Flying Swings

I’m flying up into space!

I’m flying up into space!

Our week in the forest

We were engrossed in heaps of physical activity this week. Over the weeks we have watched the children become more and more confident whilst playing on the swing. Initially the children started off needing help to get on and then helped one another by pushing each other to go higher. Recently, some of the children have demonstrated standing on the swing!

This is huge progression as it takes core strength and adequate balancing skills to actually be able to stand up on the swing and move higher independently.  When the children are swinging their imagination is running wild and they pretend they are on different types of aircrafts.

I’m flying up into space.

Finding a companion to share the seesaw experience with was another little quest our children have been on this week. After using the seesaw a few times, the children realised the seesaw needed the cooperation of two children in order for the seesaw to move. This helped enhance the children’s coordination skills.
This week we introduced the ‘Animal Boogie’ book. The children enjoyed the rhythm, dancing and singing and guessing what animal was coming next. Next week we will continue singing and dancing along to the words in the book as the children have thoroughly enjoyed it this week.

This book has encouraged children’s physical development as they develop their gross motor skills by moving their bodies to the rhythm. As the book focuses on rhyme, it helps children practice pitch, identify sounds and encourage their use of vocabulary.

Art in the forest

Art in the forest

We also made forest collages with the children this week. The children got to collect resources and a range of loose materials from the forest ground to create a collage on a paper plate. This developed their creative and cognitive skills and offered the children the opportunity for self-expression through art, by selecting their own materials and telling the adults what they had made using their imagination. We then hung up the children’s collages on the trees, which gave them a sense of pride.  

Next Week in the Forest

Next week we will be carrying on with more animal jungle fun, making music and movements in the forest.  We will introduce more books on this theme and make crafts using the natural environment.


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A reminder that Tuesday 6th September will be INSET day therefore Little Forest Folk will be closed on that day.

A guide as to what children should wear:

  • One pair of comfortable trousers
  • One t-shirt
  • One pair of socks
  • Closed toe shoes

Please make sure that your children have their labelled high visibility vests in their bags as they wear these on warm days.
Thank you for your ongoing cooperation.