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Our Week in the Forest... 

Our Little Forest Folk-ers have embraced their inner creativity this week. Role-play games, song writing, art installations and some awesome dance moves have featured throughout the week.

We have been taking the guitar into the forest every day, singing our favourite nursery rhymes and songs around the log circle, and the children have even been coming up with their own lyrics to make the songs unique! It was amazing to see some children come up with their own original rhyming couplets!

The musical fun didn’t stop there as we took to the forest dance floor to strut our stuff. The children let loose and showed great confidence as they explored the music, rhythm and beats through creative movements.

Barnes 04:10:2019 1.jpeg

Sticks, leaves, mud and crayons were used one day to make interesting installations. The children created their own pictures on planks using chalk and then gathered the natural materials to add to their creations. They made portraits, trains, dinosaurs and butterflies! It was great to see the children talk about their pieces smiling as they explained what they were doing.

Our favourite thing about role-play games is that it doesn’t matter what our Little Forest Folk-ers are doing, where they are playing or what time it is - there is always some beautifully imaginative ideas being explored! This week the children turned the fallen tree into a spaceship, collaborating and sharing their ideas on where to go and negotiating their turns when deciding who would steer the ship. They went to the moon and the stars before coming back to earth and explored different countries down here! They went to Africa, America and Australia to see different animals!

We all hope you have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to welcoming everyone back next week for some more forest creativity!

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Little Forest Folk