Barnes - Buried Treasure

Our Week in the Forest... 

Boats, buried treasure and birds all featured in this beautiful week of sun, rain, hot and cold.
As the children walked to base camp in the growing morning heat they talked about making another pond. This time, after the pond was full of water, the children decided they wanted to make some boats. So they collected some sticks, some leaves and some old bark that we found near the climbing tree. Then we drilled holes in the middle of the bark and the children carefully selected a stick to push into the hole to make a mast. Trial and error was key as the children sought to find the perfect fit. Once in place the children then set about the delicate task of threading a leaf down the mast to make the sails. This proved a challenge as the leaves often tore and a new strategy was needed. Some children tried poking holes in the leaves in advance, others tried to push the leaves on the mast quickly. The most successful method was a steady hand and a gentle technique! Eventually all who tried succeeded in making their boats which they then sailed around the pond!


We bought a new book this week in which a boy finds some treasure buried underground, he opens the box and finds seeds. The children seemed so enchanted by this book we decided to bury some treasure for them to find. After a second reading at snack time and a few hints that there may be some treasure in our forest the children were determined to dig something up. A large group of children all armed with a trowel or weeding fork began methodically digging. They discussed where it might be, how deep it could be and what could be inside… Suddenly a shriek came “I’ve found something!!! Its hard… This is it!” The children gathered and the digging became more intense. Soon they realised that the box was quite large and that they were going to be digging for quite some time! After 30 minutes the team had thinned to just 5 children. They carried on and on until at last they pulled it out and found the treasure. It was interesting that, just like in the story, the children were not that interested in the treasure itself. The anticipation of digging process was the most exciting part. After discarding the treasure they proudly went around telling everyone that they had found it!
This week we also had an incredible trip to the London Wetland Centre. The children had an amazing time as they explored a new wild space with a wealth of flora and fauna. As we arrived we saw a beautiful family of white headed ducks, a mother and 6 tiny and very fluffy looking ducklings in tow. We saw feeding time at the otter enclosure and the children marvelled at how the otters swam so fast in the water. We explored all of the different areas that represent places from around the world and we studied the beautiful plants and vast array of birds. The children were fascinated as they pointed out different species, and talked about the size of the birds, the colours of their feathers and the noises that they make! A favourite was a blue billed duck that was an excellent diver and as he went under water we all tried to be the first to spot him coming back up. At the end of the day the children also got to explore the adventure playground with underground tunnels, ziplines, balance posts, swings and slides and then boarded the Little Forest Folk minibus to head back to Rocks Lane.


Little Forest Folk