Barnes - Creating shapes!

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week the children have been exploring shapes, textures and icy cold temperatures in the forest!
At the start of the week, the children took part in a fantastic activity led by our superstar educator Sylwia. Sylwia got the children to sit on a log and then asked them to help identify the shapes she was drawing on the ground, using plain flour. Each time the shapes were almost formed the children would shout out “triangle”, “square” or “circle!”. Sylwia then encouraged the children to help complete the shapes using sticks to cover the flour. The children were excited to make the shapes and discussions around size, length and quantity naturally developed as the children considered how to make each shape using the correct type of stick. They then went on to make their own shapes using sticks and would call out to their teachers what shapes they had made.

Barnes   09:02:2018   1.jpeg

The children have also been exploring textures this week. On one of the days in the forest, the children mixed together flour with mud to make their own playdough! The playdough was then transformed into “meatballs” and “chocolate truffles”. We have also been playing with oats, ice and other textures as well.
With the icy cold temperatures, our forest has been transformed! The morning walk ins have become adventures in their own right as we discover new environments daily. Thursday was by far the frostiest start to the day, with the puddles and mud frozen over. But the sun has been out each day and we have had some truly beautiful days in the forest! To help tackle the cold temperatures we have been making sure the children are fully wrapped with gloves and hats, we have been going on many adventures and we have kept the children moving through bringing in ball games and races.
Another excellent week in the forest and we look forward to welcoming some Holiday Campers into the forest next week!

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