Wimbledon - Rainy day fun!

Our Week in the Forest...

Holiday Camps
This week saw the return of holiday camps, which are always such a lovely experience! It really is heart-warming to see our little forest folk-ers being so welcoming to all the new children (plus some familiar faces!).
Pancake day
Everyone should have pancakes on ‘Pancake Day’ and the children of the forest are no exception! We built a fire, which they always love anyway, and cooked up some pancakes served with honey and lemon. This was a wonderful opportunity for some lovely chats with the children about their previous experiences of Pancake day/pancakes and many children were very excited to tell us about the pancakes they would be having with their families later that day as well. The children were brilliant at cheering the teachers on every time they managed to flip a pancake in the air!

Wimbledon     16:02:2018   1.PNG

Den building
We have noticed an increasing interest in den building this week. Lots of children have become highly involved in these collaborative construction activities, which we have been able to return to day on day to extend. Some of the older children are becoming very interested in tying knots to secure the dens so we will pursue this with them further.
Rainy day fun
The rain has been very welcome this week as some streams have filled up, which allowed for some fantastic bridge building! Together we placed planks of wood over the streams, checked if they were secure before the children walk back and forth, seemingly happy in the simple task of crossing the water again and again! We have also been back exploring in our swamp area- some children ended up wallowing in mud and looked as if they couldn’t be happier!

Wimbledon     16:02:2018   2.PNG

Little Forest Folk