Barnes - Let it snow!

Our Week in the Forest... 

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…
After the last newsletter’s successful prediction of warmer weather in the near future… this week we welcomed the coldest week of the year, and what an exciting week full of snow and ice it has been! The “Beast from the East” was no match for our hearty Little Forest Folk, who showed no fear as they took on the blizzards and Siberian winds. The weather has provided such exciting learning opportunities, with an environment new to many of our children.
The best thing about this week has got to be the snow! The children have been absolutely ecstatic as they were able to play in fields and forests, full of the glorious white crunchy snow. We built snow men, made snow balls and even played football in the snowy conditions! The children have worked together as they have challenged themselves to roll the largest snowballs. The educators had to be quick on their feet as they soon became targets for incoming snowballs from the children. The snow brought with it laughter, creativity and mystery as the children rediscovered their transformed surroundings.

Barnes  02:03:2018  1.png

To balance out the extreme cold weather we made sure the children were able to warm themselves up by providing cosy tents full of blankets and quieter activities such as drawing and reading, giving them the chance to take off their gloves and hats in the warmth and defrost! We also utilised the indoor space towards the end of the week to allow the children to sleep and eat in comfortable conditions, however we still ventured out each day and enjoyed the artic conditions like true expeditioners.
It has been a week full of new opportunities and environments for the children which we are sure will prove to be memorable experiences in their early development.

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Little Forest Folk