Chiswick - The magic of snow!

Our Week in the Forest...

An absolutely magical week at Little Forest Folk Chiswick has come to an end. The cold conditions and snow have been perfect for our little ones to have adventures, play games, keep active and learn about the world around us. 
At the beginning of the week, we had conversations with the children about the seasons changing and the weather. These conversations included talking about why it’s important to keep warm, and how we can keep warm (gloves, hats, moving around). The children are becoming increasingly aware of their own and others’ needs, helping their friends to find their hats if need be, or requesting assistance to put their gloves on. The educators have also been given a number of reminders this week from the kids – ‘you need to wear a hat or you’ll be cold!’, ‘do you need a handwarmer inside your gloves?’ and ‘it’s raining – put your hood up so you don’t get wet!’
The frost and snow is always a great conversation starter and the children did a lot of enquiry based learning this week, observing the snow melt in the sun but stay frozen in the shade, looking at differences between ice and snow, and wondering what is colder – a melted snow puddle, or a snowball itself?

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Towards the end of the week, we spent some time exploring our local community. We popped to the Chiswick library and had a great time with the selection of children’s books.
On Thursday, we celebrated World Book Day by going to Waterstones on Chiswick High Rd and choosing some new books for the nursery. The group of children that went on this outing had to come to an agreement amongst themselves about which titles to buy, keeping in mind the ages of all the children at LFF and thinking back to some other favourite books of ours for inspiration.

Once the children decided on our books (Peppa Pig Goes to Hospital, Mog the Forgetful Cat, Tidy, and Highway Rat) they added up the price of the books and some of the children wanted to pay at the counter. We said, ‘thank you’ to the shop assistant and went on our way, new books in hand. We also took some of the children for a babycino at a local café, where the children had a turn at reading the menu and tried ordering their own drinks.
Of course, with snow comes mandatory snow angels, snowball fights and sledging, but we have found so much more to keep us busy, engaged and excited during this gorgeous snowy weather.
Have a lovely weekend, and stay warm!

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