Barnes - New glow

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week in the forest the children have enjoyed some wonderful sunshine. New friendships have been kindled and we have seen some fantastic wildlife!

As we walked into the forest every day we noticed a new glow in the leaves as they have started to turn. The children enjoyed looking at the different greens and yellows in the dappled sunlight. We also noticed lots of different sounds coming from the forest! The children pointed out the rustling of the leaves in the wind, birdsong coming from the trees and some creaking, as branches rubbed together.

At base camp it has been wonderful to see so many of our new adventurers getting fully involved in lots of role-play games. They have pretended to be leopards, cats and beetles moving around the forest floor and up on tree trunks in different ways!

Barnes 20.09.2019 Collage1.jpeg

Craft activities have also been a big feature this week as the children have created their own wonderful pictures. They have used paints, chalks, crayons, sticks and leaves to make wonderful pieces of art. This has been taken further by some children as they created art on a larger scale putting sticks in the ground to make forts, houses and mini worlds!

With so much activity going on the children have been communicating with each other and forming new friendships. It has been fascinating to see the change in dynamics and how well they support each other in times of need.

We are all looking forward to next week as we welcome more new friends to the forest and go on some wonderful new adventures!

Barnes 20.09.2019 Collage2.jpeg

Little Forest Folk