Wimbledon - Puddles galore

Our Week in the Forest...

The rain has made for a wonderful week of exploration in the forest. After the torrential downpour on Tuesday, we were excited to enter the forest on Wednesday and see what looked different. Puddles galore... our favourite! We were also left with a little stream in the mud kitchen, which has made for some wonderful play. The children have loved scooping up the water in buckets and transferring it from one place to another, from one container to the next and all the way back again and some children just wanted to jump up and down in the water.

Adventure walks this week had us finding all sorts of wonder in our beautiful nature. The moss on the trees gave an ideal sensory experience, we stroked our hands against it and compared its feel to carpet. We then pushed against it with our fingers and noted the amount of water we could squeeze out. Wonder was everywhere in the wet forest. We hugged our favourite trees and talked about whether we thought they could feel us hugging them. Some children were certain they could, and I think I’d have to agree.

Wimbledon 27.09.2019 Collage1.jpeg

The streams moved with a slightly stronger current this week and we took advantage of paddling safely in the water and sending wishes off into the stream in the form of stones. The children decided we would keep our wishes secret, so the sound of this experience was of peaceful whispers and stones splashing into the water. It was rather beautiful!

Back in the mud kitchen, we observed slugs, caterpillars, snails and beetles in abundance and watched how they moved around the forest. We made swings, rope courses and climbed all of the trees. We also moved tyres across the meadow, using all our strength, and friendships continued to blossom. Another beautiful week in the great outdoors, with the rain bringing us nothing but opportunity.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, see you next week!

“At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling” - Shanti

Wimbledon 27.09.2019 Collage2.jpeg

Little Forest Folk