Wandsworth - Mud Castles

Our Week in the Forest... 

In the forest every day is a new experience, and the children are always learning something new for the first time. This week was a special week for a lot of our new cohort as they experienced true rain and puddles for the first time since starting with us. As a result, it has been a thoroughly enjoyable week.

Puddles, splashing and the pure thrill of getting mucky! We have never seen quite as much pure happiness as we did on Wednesday morning. Giant puddles filled the forest which instigated a “splash-off”, where everybody competed to create the biggest splash. Eventually one of the educators created a bit of a tidal wave with his attempt, but the children agreed that their daddies would create an even bigger splash! This is why we play outside, to enjoy the elements and to connect with the natural world around us!

Wands 27.09.2019 Collage1.jpeg

With rain we get mud and creating mud castles was this week's major activity. Using spades, fingers, cups and buckets, the children were shown and helped to make a variety of different sized mud castles. The children used their gross motor skills to squish, pack and squelch the oozy mud together. As the factory blossomed and the mud castles sprang up all over the forest the children then decided it was time to turn their hands to demolition.

The older children and Jaybirds of the group have been creating their very own cool characters in the forest. Using sticks, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and more, they have been given names, personalities and their own emotions. Our educators created a small stage, where the children acted out scenes with their characters, improvising as they all interacted with each other.

Have a lovely weekend everybody and see you next week!

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Little Forest Folk