Barnes - snail slime!

Our Week in the Forest... 


The children this week have thoroughly enjoyed going on the search for snails. In the mornings, when the leaves and grass are still wet, we have searched the bushes and plants for tiny white-lipped snails. Once spotted, the children gathered round to take a closer look. We commented on the different body parts of the snail, discussed how to hold them gently, and compared the size of different snails. The children concentrated hard as they tried to see the snails’ eye stalks and feelers as they peeked out of their shells.
On one particularly wet morning we found lots of garden snails and one big red slug. Some of the children were keen to hold the slug whilst others were happy just to observe. We talked about the texture of the slime it left on our hands. When we found the snails all the children were keen to hold them. We noticed that the slug slime was much stickier than the snail slime!

The children at Barnes are really starting to hone their den building skills. Starting with a simple structure, the children selected sticks from different areas of the forest. They chose sticks based on their length, thickness and shape. Some sticks were used because they still had leaves on them, others because they were good to sit on and some just because they were the longest sticks in the world! Soon incredible tipis, gigantic pirate ships and lovely nests were created. Once the children were satisfied with their structures they began to use them to act out stories with their friends. Pirates climbed aboard the pirate ship, families set about making home in the tipi and birds began looking after their babies in the nest.

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Towards the end of the week the children made their own fishing rods using sticks and string. After eating their morning snack on the grassy banks they went down to the waters edge and started to fish! The children seemed to have a built in ability to cast their line. Holding the fishing rods with the correct grip they threw out their lines with great skill. The children sat calmly talking to each other and trying to spot elusive fish in the shallows. 
We can’t wait for next week as we are welcoming some new faces to Little Forest Folk Barnes. We hope you all have a fantastic long weekend.

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Have a great long weekend everyone.

Little Forest Folk