Chiswick - seasons are beginning to change

Our Week in the Forest...

On Friday afternoon the children pulled up their sleeves and got busy making banana muffins. They cracked the eggs, mashed the bananas and mixed the ingredients together. This is a great opportunity to develop mathematical skills, measuring out the quantities needed and observing the changes in the mixture as it cooks. Plus, the end result is DELICIOUS!
The children have been previously practicing these skills in the forest as they make their own mud-cakes, talking about the ingredients they need (eggs, butter, flour, sugar and milk) and placing their cakes in the log-oven to cook, deciding that the oven needed to be on a low temperature of 9 degrees.   
The weather has given us lots to talk about in the forest as it constantly changes around us. A surprise thunderstorm one afternoon while eating our snack gave a few of us a fright and we practised roaring back at it as loud as we could, filling the forest with our voices. 

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The children’s garden has been visited a few times this week. We have enjoyed looking at the sign, detailing all the pictures and names of the flowers. The children created their own learning experience by finding a flower, identifying its colour and features, and then locating it in the garden. We had several discussions on why some flowers were not out in the garden at the moment and talked about how the seasons are beginning to change. Conversations and experiences like this make us very thankful to have such a rich learning environment for the children, and we love to see them create their own opinions and curiosities on the world around us. 

Until next week…  

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Have a great long weekend everyone.

Little Forest Folk Chiswick