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Our Week in the Forest... 

This week the scorching weather continued and Little Forest Folk Barnes celebrated its 1st Birthday!
What a year it has been! To mark the occasion, we had our first outing. We went to Fishpond Woods at Wimbledon and enjoyed a fantastic day of learning about rockets, even getting to build our own which led to launching them high into the sky! To cap it all off the children got to watch a rocket powered by dynamite launch over 450 feet into the air!
Back at Rocks Lane, with the heat building, the children decided that we should build a pool! So, we lined our digging area with a tarp and filled it with water to create our very own paddling area! The children enjoyed jumping, sliding and splashing around in the pool. Later when the pool had become muddy with leaves floating around the children decided it was a lake! They made fishing rods and pretended to catch fish! There were fantastic levels of excitement and involvement as the children really tried to catch the ‘fish’. They also showed great problem-solving skills as they worked collaboratively to untangle two lines that had been caught together.

Barnes 27:07:2018 1.JPG

The children also enjoyed experimenting with balloons full of water. Some of the children noticed that the balloons with water were heavier than the balloons with air which spurred on a conversation about density, size and weight. Eventually the children used trowels, sticks and other found objects to pop open their balloons and see the water splash everywhere!

Along with water, ice was also a big feature this week. We froze some animals and collected objects in ice and left them out for the children to explore. They began to experiment with ways of making the ice melt faster using mud, leaves and water! They worked hard to free the frozen animals and once freed started some animal role-play games.
We hope you all have a lovely weekend and cannot wait to see what next week brings!

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