Chiswick - Pirate Play!

Our Week in the Forest...

This week has been the start of our Summer Holiday Camp and what a fun and hot week we have had!
Pirates has been a theme that has continued on from last week and this week we had a go at making our own pirate hats. The children were really good at following the instructions to fold the newspaper in the right places. They enjoyed wearing their hats all morning and engaged in some pirate play as they pretended to sail the seas!
With some really hot weather we have enjoyed the cool shade of the forest and in particular, some water play. We even made our own dinosaur habit, a very mucky swamp with logs, stones and leaves for the dinosaurs to splash about in. This led to some dinosaur hiding and the children took great delight in finding interesting spots to hide the dinosaurs around the forest for their peers to find. Some of the hiding places were so good that some of our dinosaurs are still hiding ready to be found!
We’ve met loads of new and old faces this week as our holiday campers have arrived with their own friends and ideas from school. They have enjoyed joining in, climbing trees, listening to stories and having their faces painted.

Chiswick 27:07:2018 1.jpeg

Meanwhile we are very excited that our new room at Piccolo is almost ready for us to move into. We have been busy putting together all the new furniture and arranging all of our new resources. We have loved spending some of our mornings and afternoons outside this week, having a forest style breakfast and dinner, and enjoying a play with the bikes, cubby house, mud kitchen and slide. With weather as glorious as this who would want to be indoors anyway!? 
Next week we will be saying goodbye to the fabulous Karina as she begins her maternity leave. Her last day with us in the forest will be on Wednesday. We wish her all the best and look forward to meeting her baby when it arrives!

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Little Forest Folk