Barnes - Tree house

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week we have welcomed the Holiday campers to the forest and they have all had such a wonderful time!
The children have taken to a new tree in the forest this week. A pine tree that has been the basis for a whole host of productive creativity and fun! The children sheltered underneath the low branches to make a cosy house in which they played ‘families’. Mothers and fathers fed, gave medicine to and put their children to bed. It was brilliant to see the cooperation and imagination displayed by children of all ages!
The tree has also been used to climb and this week we had some children who had never climbed trees before! This was a fantastic opportunity for our regular Little Forest Folkers to show, teach and explain. First, they modelled how to climb up explaining what they were doing as they went. Then they supported their new friends making sure they all stayed safe.


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This little pine tree also became the venue for a wonderful funfair! The children worked very well as a team to gather ropes and sticks to build an arena. They then decided that they needed magic sticks or wands. We provided them with paint and they set about making their perfect magical wands. Once made everyone suddenly became the target for an array of magic spells cast. I suddenly became a frog, then a bunny with a unicorn horn, then a lion with wings… The possibilities were endless!
The next day many of the children wanted to adapt their wands so we provided them with feathers and ribbons so that they could make them ultra stylish! Meanwhile an ice-cream shop had formed complete with a register and keyboard. Some of the magicians came over to help develop some of the products into to more fantastical flavours. We had robot ice-cream with cream, chocolate and worms, rainbow ice-cream and many more!
The holiday campers have brought a lovely new dynamic to the forest this week and we look forward to welcoming more new faces next week!

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Little Forest Folk