Barnes - Zip lines, Monkey Bars and Frost!

Our Week in the Forest... 

As the children continue to progress with their amazing tree climbing, the educators are always looking to present new challenges for the children; this week we have been focusing on using the zip line. To start with, we added it to the slack line, so the children had a moving handle they could use as they balanced their way along it! This was a great way to advance the slack line and the children all enjoyed taking it in turns to have a go. We have also reintroduced the zip line by itself, allowing the children to glide through the trees across the base camp. In addition to all these exciting activities, we have also been using monkey bars to balance along obstacle courses. The children have enjoyed swinging on the bars and negotiating the wobbly logs as they make their way along the course.

Barnes  17:11:2017  1.jpg

Another theme of the week has been the frost. The children have noticed the drop in temperature; most notably in the mornings during our walk through the frozen fields. They have been exploring and observing the differences in textures and colours and wondering how the frosty leaves could look like ice lollies!? One of the children suggested that "Elsa" had been to Barnes overnight and frozen the fields! 

The amazing thing about learning outdoors is that every day we have a new classroom with new learning opportunities, and as educators, we love to see the excitement from the children as they examine their ever-changing forest!

Barnes  17:11:2017  2.jpg

Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk