Wimbledon - Maths and Measuring Tapes!

Our Week in the Forest...

This week the children have demonstrated a real interest in using scales at the Scout Hall to weigh themselves and record their findings. We extended this interest by introducing tape measures into the forest in order to measure their height....and of course everything else in the forest too! This was a great opportunity to introduce mathematical vocabulary to the children such as height, length, diameter, centimetres and inches. The children naturally compared their findings and observed how the trees in the forest were all different heights. We also learned that if we measure the diameter of a tree than we can work out how old it is.

Wimbledon  24:11:2017  1.jpg

Meanwhile, on the meadow the children continue to develop and build their obstacle course that we started last week, using loose parts that they found such as tyres, planks, pallets and logs. It's so lovely to hear them collaborating and actively listening to each other as they work out where to place the items. We simply love observing them offering each other encouragement and words of wisdom as they take their turn to complete the course. True teamwork in action. The obstacle course itself has provided the perfect opportunity for the children to work on their balancing and coordination skills as they navigate their way across it, cheering each other on. It's been a fun and busy week and we’re excited for lots more fun next week.

Wimbledon  24:11:2017  2.jpg

Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk