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Our Week in the Forest...

With our trips to Kew Gardens coming to an end for the summer holidays we decided to make a special trip to the log trail. We spent the morning balancing and climbing, leaping from log to log and all round strengthening our physical skills! It was lovely to see the confidence with which the children approached the log trail and we reflected back on our visits over the last year. We no longer need to hold an educator’s hand to remain balanced, or to make a jump from one tree stump to the next. What amazing skills we have learnt!

It is now time to begin to reap the rewards of all our hard work in the allotment. We have made frequent trips to the allotment over the spring and early summer months, returning frequently to plant, water and weed and as a result we have grown many different vegetables and flowers. It was lovely to see the children’s excitement as they were finally able to dig up the plants and see what has been growing beneath the soil this whole time. Look at all those potatoes!

Chiswick 19:07:2019 1.jpeg

We had another ‘no resources day’ this week, heading to the picnic area to enjoy some sunshine (when the rain finally stopped) and grass. We enjoyed some proper tree climbing as our current bases don’t have the best climbing trees. It was great to see the children show off their skills as they clambered to new heights to explore the views from above. We enjoyed sharing stories and making up rhymes as we climbed or while we waited below for our turn. It is lovely to see the children’s imaginations and creativity shine on no resources day and to watch the play that blossoms from their discussions with each other or the natural materials they find around them.

It is a very sad week for us here at Chiswick as we are busy saying farewell to so many of our friends who are leaving us this week and over the summer. We know that they will do amazingly at school in September and we wish them all the best! We can’t wait to see you again during holiday camps and share with us all the new things you have learnt.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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