Chiswick - Mini beast hunt

Our Week in the Forest...

A very wet week to start with but this did not dampen our spirits. We welcomed some new holiday campers on Monday who were very interested in building obstacles using logs, sticks and twigs. There was a lot of heavy lifting involved and moving logs into position ready to be dragged over, which our Little Forest Folkers really enjoyed watching. They helped by carrying little sticks and twigs to build up the dam that they had created. Once completed, the children enjoyed the challenge of climbing from one side of the ‘river’ to the other.

Chiswick 13_04_2018 1.JPG

We’ve had long adventure walks all around the park this week and went on a mini beast hunt. We looked under many logs until we found the best spot. After several minutes we started to spot and find many insects which the children delighted in, carefully showing these to the educators and asking lots of interesting questions. The children wanted to know what the insects ate so that they could help find some lunch for them! We then went for a walk along the river where the children spotted lots of ducks, which then led to discussions about what the ducks ate and if they would eat any of the insects they found earlier on. 

Face painting has been a big hit again this week, from superheroes to animals, dinosaurs to princesses. The children even dream about having their faces being painted and one of the children who had just awoken from an afternoon nap asked to join in with the fun. To finish the week, we had two Little Forest Folk birthdays, so we made chocolate mud cakes and sang Happy Birthday. It is always so much fun to be able to celebrate in our glorious forest!

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Little Forest Folk