Chiswick - Climbing, jumping and a theatre show

Our Week in the Forest

We started off our week at Kew Gardens. As we allow our children to practice skills of independence and responsibility, we regularly provide our children with choice. This week, our children chose to visit the log trail and badger sett while at Kew. We spent the morning climbing and role playing on the logs. The children imagined they were climbing on a frozen dragon. They made sure not to crack the ice!

We also walked along the treetop walk and appreciated the view below us. We were excited to wave down to some of our teachers below us.
We had a very wet and windy Tuesday this week. We welcomed the rain as we had missed it and seized the opportunity to play in giant impressive muddy puddles.

As well as jumping and splashing in the puddles, our children thought to break up leaves and drop them into the puddles. They were experimenting to check whether the leaves would float or sink. 

We headed back to Piccolo early as we were warned of risks of high winds in the afternoon. When we arrived back at Piccolo, we thought to present a theatre show to our children. They acted out the story of Little Red Riding Hood and got the children involved for Jack and the Beanstalk. We were amazed at the level of concentration of the children and at how much they adored the shows. This is definitely something we will be doing more often!


The slack line and ladder have been our popular challenges this week. We set up two slack lines – one high and one low. We then hung some ropes to the higher line and gave our children the autonomy to use it as they liked. Most of the children chose to hold on to the rope and used their upper body strength to pull themselves up and their bodily-co-ordination to climb onto the lower slack line. Once on the slack line, they used their balancing skills to balance all the way to the end of the slack line. Taking their physical agility and confidence to the next level.


In Other News

Our Wandsworth nursery is now finally open! We're excited to say that this week, over at our Wandsworth nursery we have started to settle in our new children at our lovely new setting. We're delighted to welcome all the new families to Little Forest Folk. We feel very lucky to be able to finally open a new setting in Wandsworth and we're sure the Wandsworth team will make a great success of it.


The weather next week
Will be warm but with some scattered showers so please do remember to dress you little one appropriately for the weather we're having.

Our recommended Kit List is here.

Dates for the diary
Our term dates cane be found here.

Save the date
Don't forget to save the date for our Summer Picnic on Friday 18th August from 5pm at Wimbledon. More details to follow on this exciting event.

We hope your weekend is full of adventure and imagination!

Little Forest Folk