Chiswick - Pirate ships!

Busy little forest folk

Busy little forest folk

This week Manuel set up our pirate ship in the puddle. The children imagined they were on a real ship and tried their hardest not to fall into the ocean.

Oh no the shark’s going to eat us, quick back onto the ship.

Manuel also created a homemade flag on a flagpole which was attached to the ship. The children were intrigued to find out a way to raise the flag. They had to find out what strings had to be pulled to lift the up and use the opposite strings to bring the flag back down.
We used black card and white paint to make our own flags for our ship.  Some of the children decided to take a glue stick and stick bits of the forest on their flags.

When we were done making our flags, we took them and hung them on the ship. The children were delighted to see their masterpieces hanging on their special ship.
As you probably already know, our children at LFF love having their faces painted. The children requested from Josh what they wanted painted on their faces. We had a lot of Batmen and Spider men running around in the forest.

When we have our faces painted we engage in a lot of imaginary play and we can choose to be whoever we want!

Meeting the gardener

Meeting the gardener

We visited the gardener this week. She told us about what plants she is in charge of in the gardens. She explained to the children what tools she used and what they were for.  The gardener also told us about safety and why she needed to wear gloves while she was gardening. One of our children asked,

Why do you cut the plants?
I need to make sure the gardens are clean and safe for all of the visitors we have.

Next Week in the Forest

Next week our topic will be about Wizards, Elves and Fairies.

We will be playing different games, reading various books, making beautiful fairy jewellery and mixing magic potions!

Team Additions

You may have seen our Handy-man David around this week.

David will be making sure that basecamp is set up and ready for the children every morning and packed away in the afternoons. The children have really enjoyed having him around this week and have opened up to his warm personality.
Mar will also be commencing work with us as of Monday 8th August. She will be joining us as a Nursery Assistant.

Staff Swaps

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be doing staff swaps with the staff at LFF Wimbledon. This is a great opportunity for us to share ideas with one another to help improve our practice.


Lil our temporary manager has taken over Head of Expansion. She will be working on our future opening sites.  Nafisa will be the official point of call for LFF Chiswick.

What to wear next week

A guide as to what children should wear

  • One pair of comfortable trousers
  • One t-shirt
  • One pair of socks
  • Closed toe shoes

Please label your children’s items to minimize risk of loss.

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation.