Chiswick - Santa is coming!

Our week in the forest

Our children have been role-playing Santa coming down the chimney all week. They’ll be excited to see him at the Christmas party on Monday!

Santa is coming down the chimney!

Santa is coming down the chimney!

We found a tree to jump off and pretended we were coming down the chimney.

Watch out Santa be careful of the fire.

We spoke about what we want for Christmas and what we think Santa might bring for us.

Santa’s going to bring me a blue present.”
“I want to have an ice lolly. Ice lollies are cold but ice creams aren’t that cold.”
“I want to have a baby Sammy.

Our little Father Christmas pretended to give out the presents the children spoke about.

Here you go. Santa is going to have dinner now; you have to say bye to me.

Racing cars, trains, aeroplanes, boats, horses... we’ve travelled around the whole of London in every form of transportation you can think of.

You have to get out of the way or the racing car will squish you.

After singing Row Your Boat, one of our children suggested we find sticks to use as oars.
Once we found our perfect little oars we sat on the log and pretended to paddle to find the hidden treasure whilst singing Row Your Boat at the same time.

Festive in the forest

Festive in the forest

We have been practicing turn taking in the forest as the swing is a favourite for some of our children. We are using a three-minute sand timer that gives our children a visual to assist them in getting through the waiting part of turn taking. They’ve cooperated well with the sand timer approach and have picked it up rather rapidly.

When the sand from the top is finished then it’s my turn.

Recently we’ve enjoyed fishing whenever we’ve been close by the river.

I need a rod so that I can catch some fish and feed it to the dogs.

Before we could even start fishing we had a dog visit us and snatch our bait! This didn’t bother us too much as we used our great technique of hugging ourselves.

We stood by the fence and threw our fishing rods over it. There were no fish out this week but I’m sure we’ll catch one soon.


Mincemeat fundraising

Hello cheeky squirrel who wanted a photo too :-)

Hello cheeky squirrel who wanted a photo too :-)

This week we set up a little stall outside Chiswick House and Gardens cafe and the children were real shop keepers helping to sell our lovely mincemeat jars to passers-by.

Thank you to those of you who have donated already, so far we have raised enough for 27 homeless people to have a place at Crisis at Christmas!

There's still time to pick up a jar at the Christmas Forest Party in Wimbledon on Monday.
Click here to reserve yours now


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... We can't contain our excitement for the Little Forest Folk Christmas Party on Monday! We're looking forward to seeing you all there!

 The first day back at nursery after Christmas will be Tuesday 3rd January and Little Forest Folk will be closed for an inset day on Friday 6th January.

What to wear

Hatley have kindly offered to give Little Forest Folk families a 15% discount in store on fully priced items. They stock some great fleeces, thermals and snow boots. Just let them know that your little one attends Little Forest Folk to receive the discount.

Check out our recommended winter kit list

Team update

As many of you already know Jose is leaving us this week, we'll be really sad to see him go but wish him all the best for the future.

We have a new addition to the Little Forest Folk family, Paula will be joining us as an additional member of the team and will be supporting us across all three nurseries to fill in when members of the team are on annual leave or unwell... our very own Little Forest Folk super hero!

Only 9 sleeps until Christmas!

Only 9 sleeps until Christmas!

Have a lovely weekend and remember to save some mincepies for Santa...

Little Forest Folk