Chiswick - The first signs of spring!

Our Week in the Forest...

Every moment of the year has it’s own beauty, and this week we’ve been left in awe of the forces of mother nature. We have gone from the hottest day of the year being recorded just down the road in Kew Gardens, to having to take shelter from branch bending gales. What a difference a day makes! None the less, our children embrace everything that the natural world has to offer, while still being able to think and play creatively when the weather is a little too unforgiving.
In the forest this week we’ve been teased with the first signs of spring! Daffodil bulbs have opened to show the beauty that lays within, and a chorus of songbirds has been the soundtrack of our days outdoors. The children’s curiosity has been sparked and lots of time has been spent getting down to ground level. Through engaging all their senses, the children have been delighted by what they have found. The scent of blooming flowerbeds, the sensation felt from wiggly worms crawling across your palm, natures melody created by all creatures big and small, and the sight of a feeding frenzy of birds at the pond. It has been a truly multi-sensory introduction to spring.

Early in the week some of our children were enchanted by the thought of practising their skills in witchcraft and wizardry. In no time at all, the forest was teeming with aspiring sorcerers! We’ve seen the creation of magic wands, flying broomsticks, potions and role play so immersive that the lines between magic and make believe were blurred beyond recognition. It has been inspiring to see some of the older children taking their younger peers under their capes and passing on what they’ve learnt. One child who has been captivated by the Harry Potter series at home has been proudly retelling the story in the forest, providing an engrossing narrative for anyone and everyone to enjoy.
Finally, due to the adverse weather, the children have spent one day this week indoors. Though we try to accommodate ourselves in any outdoor situation, it is important we know that safety is paramount. Our children didn’t need any explanation as to why we were unable to visit the forest. During our morning discussion, every child showed an inherent understanding of the need for safety when exploring the forest, making the link to the high winds that they trudged on their way to school. Seeing the children wear their independence on their sleeves, diving straight into myriad resources and manipulating them as they saw fit, was a stark reminder of our children’s confidence and initiative. The child-led aspect of our forest nursery transferred incredibly well to an indoor setting.
Hopefully by next week we can get back to doing what we love, absorbing ourselves in the wonders of the outdoors. At Little Forest Folk, we really do love our ABCs – adventures, bugs, and climbing!

Food in the forest:

Our current food in the forest can be found HERE 

It's Pancake day on Tuesday! We'll be enjoying some pancakes with the children... YUMMY!


Have a wonderful weekend... can you spot any Daffodils blooming?

Little Forest Folk