Fulham - Bright yellow daffodils

Our week in the forest...

This week our Little Forest Folk have been fascinated by the changes that are taking place across the Palace Gardens, swathes of colours are starting to appear as the flowers are beginning to wake up, bright yellow daffodils, violet crocuses and delicate little snowdrops adorn the forest floor. These of course have been a huge attraction for the children, but rather than picking them they have wanted to know their names, examining how they look, feel and smell, it has been beautiful to see how respectful they have been, tiptoeing around them to avoid hurting their new flower friends!
We have been focusing on the natural surroundings throughout the week and exploring the environment in more detail, it has highlighted how much enjoyment and learning takes place with just the natural resources around us all. One particular area of woodland has become another favourite forest site where the children love to spend time together on our way down to our nursery site.  It has been an opportunity for the children to fully use the forest and explore secret hiding places where they have been making magic potions, fending off the dinosaurs, climbing trees, drawing in the earth and examining the different plants and trees.
Sticks have been particularly popular, the high winds throughout the week have left us with a constant supply of sticks of every shape and size, they have been turned into stick people, paint brushes, glue sticks, kites, bow and arrows, pencils and even super-sized fingers!!

With Storm Doris visiting us this week we also had to exchange the forest for Fulham Palace’s Education Centre for a day. Even before entering the centre we had the opportunity to discuss why we couldn’t use the forest and were amazed at the children’s responses and their awareness of the possible dangers…
‘A branch will fall on our head’
‘The trees can blow over’
‘The wind will take me away’
‘Our books can blow away and be broken’
Although it was initially a little strange to be indoors the children soon found many activities with which to engage, from our wooden railway to our dressing up clothes. We sang some of our favourite songs, made paper snakes, read numerous stories and played many games, but even though there was laughter and enjoyment the children made us aware that they definitely missed their forest.    

Food in the forest:

Our current food in the forest can be found HERE 

It's Pancake day on Tuesday! We'll be enjoying some pancakes with the children... YUMMY!



Have a wonderful weekend... can you spot any Daffodils blooming?

Little Forest Folk