Chiswick - Wonderful adventures

Mini beast discoveries in the forest

Mini beast discoveries in the forest

What an exciting week we have had at LFF Chiswick!

The beginning of the week saw us extending on our muddy kitchen, adding pots and pans, and cooking up mud pies, cakes and stew! Yum!

We discussed the change of season, and this led to some serious investigating of plants around us.. The children came up with some great questions - why are the flowers falling off the bush? What makes the leaves go brown? Where do the worms go in the summer?

This sense of inquiry is something we love to promote at LFF - an inquisitive nature is starting to become apparent in all of our children, and the wonder of learning has well and truly been established within the group.

We took time to look at many different types of leaves through magnifying glasses, and discussed their similarities and differences.

We had a wonderful adventure to the Duck Pond early in the week, counting the ducks, spotting nests, and looking for colours in their feathers.

The children decided they wanted to 'walk their dogs' in the gardens, so we tied some big sticks (dogs) onto ropes (leads) and had a walk around the pond.

Snails, centipedes and bumblebees were the mini-beasts we came across this week, which gave us more opportunity to create homes for them in the forest. 

Whacky fun being dressed by the kids on Friday

Whacky fun being dressed by the kids on Friday

The children have become familiar and comfortable in the forest, and have begun exploring and taking risks with their jumping, balancing and climbing.  We found a fantastic log to jump off, and measured who jumped the furthest.

Plenty of games of football were played this week - who would have thought our little ones would have such accuracy and skill! Look out Premier League!

Our 'Hairy Fairies' created a log swing, to much delight from the children. They have been taking turns to swing and push each other.

The children had the opportunity to get creative when we celebrated Oxfam's 'Dressed by the Kids Day' - some whacky outfits and painted faces was the hilarious outcome


Next week in the forest

We will continue conversations about home and family, to get to know each other better, and help the new starting children settle in to LFF.

We will be visiting our new friends the ducks, and focussing on bird wildlife, with the plan to make a mini nature documentary.

Next weekend is David Attenborough's birthday, so stay tuned for a very special LFF birthday celebration for him! :-)

A reminder for families 

Please pack spare clothes for your child in their bag, including socks and underpants.

An email went out today regarding LFF Holiday Camps.  Spaces are limited, so please ensure you book now to avoid missing out!

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  • Monday 6th – Friday 10th June:
    Week of Queens
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