Chiswick - Revitalising sunshine!

Our Week in the Forest...

Everywhere you look the first signs of Spring are appearing. Being in the forest every day you see the change of weather from freezing cold at points this week, to revitalising sunshine, which has a huge influence on the environment we learn in every day. Day by day, and week to week we see amazing changes in your children - finding new interests, playing with different friends and being engaged in new activities to make sense of the world around them. The holiday camp children joined us this week and it was great to see our oldest and youngest children learning together.

Chiswick    16:02:2018   1.jpeg

With the wheel of change starting to turn, we have tried to really focus the children to look at all the small details within their environment. The children have been exploring the changes to what grows around them, looking at new leaves and plants starting to re-grow. We have been looking at the changes of colour in Chiswick Gardens and discussing what we might see next. Climbing and moving from one place to another in different ways is something that has sparked the children to build stepping stones from logs and rope bridges. Making mud pies of varying flavours has also seen children working together to share ideas and exploring. Chocolate marshmallow cake was definitely a favourite!

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Little Forest Folk