Barnes - A nomadic adventure!

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week marks the start of an exciting development at LFF Barnes. From this week onwards, we will be adopting a nomadic style when using Putney Lower Common and will be changing our base camp on a daily basis! This will allow the children to explore more of the beautiful forest, and also help limit the environmental damage we cause through our footfall each day. It has been an idea that has always been in the pipelines, and now through working together with the local people, rangers and conservators we are excited to carry out these changes.

Barnes     16:02:2018   1.png

This week the children have been exploring two of the newly identified base camps! It has been very interesting to observe them interacting with their new environments and amazing to see how easy they have found the change. We have encouraged their exploration through using Minibeast and Bird spotter sheets, alongside binoculars and magnifying glasses. We have also been able to use the dress up resources this week with the dryer weather, therefore we’ve had the return of superheroes, butterflies and bumble bees racing through the forest!
It has also been Holiday Camp this week! We have welcomed some new faces to the forest and even some older siblings too! It has been fantastic to share our experiences with these new children and it has been an action-packed week full of adventure and discovery!

Barnes     16:02:2018   2.jpeg


Little Forest Folk