Wimbledon - Swing ball fun

Our Week in the Forest...

This week in the forest we have had a variety of slightly different activities in basecamp, which the children have simply adored!
On Wednesday, Sam set up a fantastic ‘double swing’ using ropes and a large piece of wood. The children were able to sit on the swing in pairs - double the fun! We hadn’t anticipated that this resource would also end up being a great opportunity for the children to demonstrate empathy and understanding towards one another as they compromised on suitable speeds and heights. 

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In recent weeks, the children have thoroughly enjoyed using the saw and have been requesting this a lot! Our newly qualified Forest School educators are keen to stretch their forest school muscles and are more than happy to oblige! It has been very interesting to observe children returning to this activity and remembering the rules for safe tool use. They are becoming quite the experts!
The staff enjoyed some childhood flashbacks earlier in the week when we set up forest swing ball! Who would have thought that a rugby ball attached to a piece of rope, suspended from a tree could offer so much delight to our small people! We will certainly have this out again - they just loved it!

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Little Forest Folk