Chiswick - Tree cutting

Our Week in the Forest...

We have been exploring more of Chiswick House and Gardens this week. The children have enjoyed long walks into the forest every morning and stopping to spend some time at the rolling hill and fish pond. We have been experimenting with leaves and stones, figuring out which ones’ float and which will sink when placed in the pond. The children figured out that the leaves would float on the water, but as soon as they added stones on top, it would sink to the bottom! 
Following on from this, we had great fun collecting stones which the children were imagining were special dinosaur teeth! We discussed the differences between them and how some were sharp and some were flat. This led to a big conversation about the importance around brushing and flossing our teeth to keep them nice and clean. We had some lessons on the new “flossing” dance too! 

Chiswick 15:06:2018 1.JPG

There was a lot of noise and commotion going on over the other side of the pond this week, the children couldn’t quite work out what it was! While on one of our walks around the gardens, we noticed a sign which the children spent some time trying to read out loud. They did a great job of sounding out the letters and with some help from Kellie they were able to blend the sounds together one word at a time. “Tree cutting!”, yelled the children!
We hope you all have a lovely weekend and we will see you all next week!

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Little Forest Folk