Chiswick - zip line in the forest

Our Week in the Forest...

We have enjoyed a lovely week in the forest with our holiday campers! We have welcomed some new faces as well as welcoming back some familiar faces from long ago! It is always lovely to see how some of our old friends are getting on at big school. 

We had another zip line in the forest this week and the children had an amazing time, the line of children snaked through the forest as they queued for a turn of whizzing through the trees. It was lovely to see the confidence with which our regulars returned to the task as well as the development of skills as the children returned again and again. For some of our holiday campers we spoke about not jumping off the log, but lifting our feet and stepping off (a rather tricky concept) which takes a lot of faith and courage. It was lovely to see the children refining their technique and also being aware of each other, ensuring that they waited until the area was clear before taking their turn. 

Chiswick 31:05:2019 1.jpeg

The children’s interest in creating stick houses is still continuing and the designs seem to be improving daily. With a pot of concrete mixed up, the foundations were laid before the rooms were mapped out and the decorations added. It was lovely to see the children’s interest and co-operation as they discussed what the rooms may become and what was needed to achieve this. A real favourite was an indoor garden or a greenhouse which was often decorated with dark green ferns. After designing a few houses with the support of the educators, it has been lovely to see some of the children repeating the process independently around the forest, always with the very important pot of perfectly made concrete. 
One day some of our holiday campers worked really hard to build a lovely nest in the trees. The sticks were all woven carefully into place and a soft bedding of beautiful purple flowers was laid inside. The children watched carefully and were delighted when a tiny robin hopped onto the nest for a brief moment to check out their hard work.
We hope you all have had a lovely week too, and have a lovely weekend!

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Little Forest Folk