Fulham - Autumnal colours

Our Week in the Forest... 

It has been so delightful to welcome back many familiar faces and catch up from where we left off during our last time together in the forest. The autumnal colours have been our inspiration this week with the flowers and trees of Fulham Palace offering endless resources to engage our curious minds. The acacia and ash trees have been showering us with their delicate yellow leaves; the maples have been showing off their glorious shades of red and orange and the fluttering violet petals of the asters have been dancing in the walled garden.
It has been the simplicity of the week that has brought so much enjoyment, fun and laughter to our Little Forest Folk, from gathering natural materials to make colourful leaf rainbows, discovering the ‘fairy dust’ that comes from pine cones or how a single stick can transform into every imaginable object. The independence, confidence, and imagination that is so evident throughout the days really highlights how comfortable the children are in these natural surroundings. 

Fulham  27:10:2017  1.jpg

The children have also been fascinated by the archaeologists who have been busy at work digging for hidden treasures each morning when we arrive. They have had the opportunity to ask them many questions and see what they have discovered each day.
Along with our adventures throughout the grounds there have of course been many of the children’s favourites at our forest site. It wouldn’t be a normal week in the forest without the chance to make some mud pies, swing among the trees, paint some forest scenes, and practise out their knot tying skills on a teacher or two!!

Fulham  27:10:2017  2.jpg


Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk