Fulham - Infectious joy and energy

Our Week in the Forest... 

This has definitely been a week of creativity, exploration and experimentation that has interplayed throughout the forest, with the children inspiring each other through sharing ideas and experiences. With that magical Spring feeling in the air, along with the infectious joy and energy of the children, there has been a noticeable difference in how they have been viewing the world around them, whether it has been in the way they have carefully considered the use of loose parts or the more complex approaches to experimenting with various media.
Painting has been very popular this week with the children suggesting new and exciting ways of using various materials to paint upon. The suspended pieces of cardboard worked really well with children painting on either side and asking what their friends were doing on the other side, every so often they would swap around and add their own creative touches.

Fulham 03:05:2019 1.jpg

The children have been particularly fascinated with the dry and dusty ground which they have been using like sand, experimenting with running it through their fingers as well as observing how they could print their hands and make footprints with their boots. They also commented on the fact that it was light enough for the wind to blow it across the forest, so dusty mud in hand they climbed up the small mounds to observe which direction the wind was blowing and let it slowly fall through their fingers.
We hope you all have a wonderful long weekend and cannot wait to see you all from Tuesday onwards, for lots of forest fun!

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Little Forest Folk