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Our Week in the Forest... 

Here at Little Forest Folk Wandsworth we have had a wonderfully creative week. We have been focusing on a lot of craft-based activities which work on developing children’s fine motor skills. The children have led their own activities by trying to recreate some of their favourite things from home; such as Kangaroo pouches and, bows and arrows. 
Over at Paradise this week we had a fairy themed day. Throughout the morning blossoms were falling from the big tree next to the circle. One child speculated “It’s like a load of fairies flying around”. Our magnificent practitioners worked with this theme and helped the children to create their very own fairies using sticks, and old towels to create a figure. This was incredibly challenging for the children who had to find the correct sticks and bind their own knots, but what shone through was the pride of achievement when succeeding. 
Our forest walks have been epic, sprawling marauds around the forest. We have crawled through gaps in the bushes, flown up and down the hill and even splashed and played in the shallow river. All the while, our eagle eyed Little Forest Folk-ers have been finding a whole variety of Spring insects: many types of caterpillar, weevils, beetles and more. It has been wonderful to see the amount of care and fascination applied to all creatures big and small. 

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At the Windmill, creation has been flowing all around. Different stations had been set up and the children decided where they wanted to be based to create their artworks! One group made Kangaroo pouches by folding paper into a pouch shape and stuffing stick Joeys into the pouch! The roo’s then had their very own roo’lympics. Others made necklaces using elder by pushing out the pith and threading string through the hole in the centre of the wood. Some made bows and arrows, using bent wood and stretchy string. The fantastic thing about all these tough creations, was the fact that the children continued to use them throughout the day and incorporated their creations into their play. 
We hope you all have a lovely long weekend, and enjoy the bank holiday!

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