Fulham - Mud mountain

Our week in the forest

It has been lovely to see all the children again full of energy and excitement at the beginning of the new year, along with some new little forest folk who have started with us this week.


Although it has been a frosty start to this year the children have initiated endless activities to keep themselves warm and have particularly enjoyed the discovery of our ‘mud mountain’. This has been transformed in the world’s highest castle, an adventurous peak for our intrepid mountaineers and a hidden cave where we have discovered dragon’s eggs, wooden insects and dinosaur bones…
This has presented the children with a wonderful opportunity to extend their role playing together and to work cooperatively to negotiate a very challenging structure.
The pulley systems have also been incredibly popular throughout the week and a great resource for learning about weight and quantity. How many sticks can we lift into the air? Is it heavier with leaves or stones? What astonishing strength was shown when lifting more than 20 stones into the sky!!


Lunchtimes have become a really enjoyable part of the day with children helping to prepare the tables and arrange the benches, it is an absolute delight to see how they look forward to this cosy social time and how they are developing their conversations throughout their mealtime.
Next week we will be introducing more forest school tools into the activities and excitedly await what imaginative creations will result.
Wishing you all a Happy New Year.


Our Term dates for the year are up on our website and here for the year, please do pop these in your diary. 

What to wear

Keep those ears and little fingers toasty in hats and gloves.

Check out our recommended winter kit list.

Team Update

This week we are delighted to welcome Isabella into the forest...



Isabella is very sporty and loves being outside with children. Before joining us, Isbella has previously worked in orphanages in South East Asia, and has even volunteered to preserve the Great Barrier Reef! Interesting fact about Isabella... she has a Yoga licence to teach Yoga.

If you haven't met Isabella, then do come over and say hi!



We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk