Wimbledon - We turned two!

Our week in the forest 

Happy New Year everyone! 2017 has arrived with a blast of cold air and the freezing of everything from our glittering dome to the ice-laden swamp. Challenging weather, but nothing that our hardy, resilient children can’t laugh in the face of and come out the other side happier and stronger for it!


In such a short week lots has happened: we’ve had the arrival of some new friends to the forest who have joined in very quickly and hopefully made some firm friends before they’ve even started fully; crushed ice like we were giants; and celebrated Little Forest Folk’s second birthday!
Settling is never an easy business and certainly doing your settling sessions in colder weather can give any parent and child pause for thought. This week, however, we’ve seen some determined new children begin with us and find enjoyment in this strange and exciting forest school of ours. They’ve explored high and low, here at the base camp and then there at the swamp and begun joining in with the activities and play of our more established children. Hopefully this is the start of some great friendships!



Frozen ground; frosted leaves; ice-encrusted puddles. Jack Frost had his work cut out preparing our forest for us on Tuesday and Thursday but his efforts were worthwhile as he brought a new aspect for Fishponds Wood. The ice was a really captivating addition to our waterways and pools which the children relished breaking through. Maximum points for the child who broke new ice and lots of respect for those who could stay with wellingtons submerged. Thankfully parents are wrapping up their children brilliantly against the cold!
Finally, to the big celebration of the week, the second birthday of Little Forest Folk! Oh how we’ve grown from the young, fresh-faced team that began. We’ve grown bigger, we’ve gained our beautiful brother Chiswick and little Sister Fulham, set our sights on new sites and made a name for ourselves for doing something a little special (we think) and different to bring happiness, excitement, wonder, pleasure and most significantly, the outdoors to the children of London. Three cheers and here’s to many more years (and smiles!) to come. 


If you have any missing items, please do have a rummage through our  lost property box  available at the Scout Hall.

Our Term dates for the year are up on our website and here for the year, please do pop these in your diary. 

What to wear

Hatley have kindly offered to give our families a 15% discount in store on fully priced items. They stock some great fleeces, thermals and snow boots. Just let them know that your little one attends Little Forest Folk to receive the discount. 

Check out our recommended winter kit list.

Team Update

We are delighted to welcome Virginia into the team this week...



Virginia who is originally from the US, has lots of nannying experience and has even worked in Bermuda!

In her free time Virginia enjoys rambling, discovering new ways to use vegetable from her farm box, experimenting with batches of kombucha, and running along the Thames Path.

If you haven't already met, then please do say come and say hi!

We hope you have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you all back in the forest next week!

Little Forest Folk