Fulham - Rated as Ofsted "Outstanding"

We have some exciting news to share with you. It’s been difficult to keep quiet about this achievement as we were inspected just over 10 days ago at Little Forest Folk Fulham... but our report is now here so we can delightedly confirm Little Forest Folk Fulham has been graded by Ofsted as OUTSTANDING!!
We are so proud of our team, of our amazing children who wow-ed the inspector on the day and thanks also go to all our supportive parents.

Little Forest Folk Fulham - rated as Ofsted "Outstanding"

Little Forest Folk Fulham - rated as Ofsted "Outstanding"

Our team work incredibly hard to provide the best possible experience for our children and to give them the childhood they deserve, so we are so pleased to see our efforts praised and validated. We spend a significant amount of time behind the scenes reflecting on our learning environments and constantly striving to provide the best possible experience for children. We aim to make our forest days a magical and inspirational experience and are so happy to be recognised to be succeeding in our goals.
Our children, as always, showed the inspector how absolutely amazing they are. They consistently astound visitors with their highly developed social skills, language and communication and of course their physical development, in addition to exhibiting strong levels of kindness, empathy and compassion. It was nice to see their literacy and maths skills particularly admired in addition to their understanding of the world and their fantastic creativity. We are so happy when visitors recognise that we quite simply have the most amazing children in the world attending Little Forest Folk. We love them all!
We can’t forget to thank our parents, who not only are strong supporters of ours and wonderful members of our community, but some of whom also took a couple of hours out of their busy days on our inspection day to wait to talk to our inspector about their experiences with Little Forest Folk.

Thank you for believing so much in our vision and ethos

We’ve honestly rarely read such an incredible report and it makes our chests puff up with pride….’Teaching is inspirational’ and other comments just make us incredibly grateful for this amazing setting and everyone involved in our community.
Our thanks go out to everyone who contributes to the Little Forest Folk community :-)

Kind regards,
Little Forest Folk Fulham

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