Fulham - oozy, sticky, gooey MUD

Our Week in the Forest... 

With the start of September brings the beginning of new adventures for lots of people; some children start primary school, others secondary school, some teenagers or adults begin college or university and we are so thrilled about the number of new faces we have at Little Forest Folk. This is the adventure we are most excited about – seeing these new children develop a love for the environment around them, a curiosity about the things in it, and a knowledge of how to care for it (that’s along with everything else they will learn and develop!)

This week mud played a particularly prevalent role (we would like to apologise for any car seats, car boots, t-shirts, jumpers or anything else covered in mud your children might have touched, once they were returned to you). Mud can have so many textures and it’s been a joy to hear the children develop their vocabulary talking about it being oozy, sticky, gooey, smooth, rough, gritty and all other sorts of fabulous descriptions. The children began their experiments by turning our forest into a beauty spa – mud masks were everywhere! At times as the children roared around the forest it was less relaxing and looked more like war paint, but however the children decided to use it was another great learning opportunity for them.

collage080917 Fulham.jpg

Later in the week the children discovered the joy of walking in the mud in their bare feet. We set up an area – the piggy pen (unsure whether a child or practitioner coined this phrase) and as long as the children remained within the boundaries, they could play in their bare feet. Our feet are so sensory and this was clearly evident as the children shrieked in delight as the mud oozed through their toes.

As our settling in sessions continue over the next couple of weeks, we look forward to welcoming more new faces, and we’re excited to see what new ideas these children bring with them.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Little Forest Folk