Fulham - Science and Bubbles!

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week in the forest we have had a strong science theme. This has consisted of bubble activities, kite making and playing with ‘gloop’.

Bubbles are always exciting, but even more so when it is windy. That proved to be the case this week and not only does it provoke interesting discussions about what the wind is, why we can’t see it but can feel it and what directions it blows, but bubbles are great for warming children up when it is cold. When the wind takes hold of one and children chase it from one end of camp to the other, clambering over and around obstacles, this proves to be great work out.

The children also loved making their own kites. Some used tissue paper, others used normal paper, and each child chose the sticks they wanted. Children taking ownership over their own activities is such an important way of maintaining their interest and further developing their learning and sense of independence. Other children decided they would rather have ribbons than kites and it was amazing to see the forest full of artistic gymnasts all performing different (and quite unusual!) looking floor routines.

Fulham  24:11:2017  1.jpeg

The ‘gloop’ was another exciting experiment some of our children chose to involve themselves in. Back at our indoor setting the children helped to create a concoction of cornflour and water and when the quantities were just right it formed the most curious mixture that seemed almost liquid, almost solid and was very messy! It again provided interesting discussions about textures and those brave enough to get their hands dirty thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

We’ve also has some good puddles this week, testing our wellies to the max, we watched the tree surgeons at work in the gardens cutting down some of the trees, we played hide and seek, we read stories and laughed lots. It’s been another lovely week watching the children learn while they play and interact with one another and their stimulating environment.

Fulham  24:11:2017  2.jpeg


Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk