Chiswick - Muddy Ponds

Our Week in the Forest...

What a busy week it has been!

At Kew, there were muddy ponds to explore where the children found that they could create brown and green bubbles by moving their sticks quickly in the water. As the bubbles sprang up it became a race to see who could pop the most. It was quite satisfying to watch the murky bubbles pop in the swamp-like water.

Back at Chiswick digging in the dirt turned up an exciting find which we believe to be a dinosaur bone. We put our archaeologist hats on and grabbed our excavation tools to try and dig out the bone. We talked about how archaeologists must work carefully to make sure they don’t damage their finds and used a brush to clean of the dirt in order to examine the bone more carefully. We discussed how fossils are usually found in rocks under the ground and are made by the remains of animals.   

Chiswick  24:11:2017  1.jpg

There has also been lots of drawing, leaf rubbing and painting with mud this week as the children got stuck into their creative arts. By creating rubbings of the Autumn leaves littering the forest floor we were able to examine the veins more easily and compared a variety of leaves by their shapes and sizes. We got busy drawing pictures of princesses and sharks and practiced writing some of the letters in our names to distinguish which artwork was ours. Painting with mud was a lot of fun. Some of us used our hands and made handprints on the paper while others used kitchen implements to spread the mud and explore the prints they made.

We have enjoyed walking through the gardens at Chiswick and finding our favourite lanterns. Preparations at Kew for the Christmas lights have also kept us busy spotting all the lights and decorations appearing around the park. The excitement for Christmas is already upon us and the children have started talking about Christmas Fairs and Santa. Only a month to go now!

Chiswick  24:11:2017  2.jpg

Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk Chiswick