Barnes - Magical Adventures!

Our Week in the Forest... 

The week in the forest has been full of magical adventure, music and stories!
The children were very excited when the new story books arrived and couldn’t wait to find out what adventures Supertato and the evil pea would take us on! Storytelling, acting out stories and reading books can take place anywhere in the forest but our favourite this week was when a large group of children listened to lots of stories half way up the climbing tree! There were also quiet times where a small group would huddle over a story without an adult and talk about the pictures and even retell their own versions of the story.
On adventures this week we found a surprising range on mini-beasts for the time of year. We found slugs, snails, spiders, beetles, millipedes, woodlice, worms and leaf bugs amongst the leaves, mud and logs. This experience was incredibly exciting for some of the children and it inspired some excellent talk. Some children who are just beginning to find the confidence to talk in the forest would shout out with excitement as they spotted a new insect. This also helped to form friendship bonds as they took care not to scare the little creatures so that they could take a closer look.

Barnes  24:11:2017  1.jpg

Music has been ringing out in the forest on many occasions this week. Lovely lullabies were sung for the children drifting off to sleep. Rock songs were played on the guitar for children to dance to expressing themselves through movement. Also, pots and pans became an inspired instrument for some of the children as they created their own renditions of forest favourites ‘Wheels on the bus’ and ‘Old Macdonald’. It is wonderful to see their confidence, ability and creativity in all of the activities they are doing in the forest.

Barnes  24:11:2017  2.jpg

Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk