Kit list - wrap up warm!

The weather has taken a chilly turn this week with the first real cold snap of winter arriving. Frosty mornings in the forest are beautiful and fascinating, but in order for the children to fully enjoy them, they need to be dressed extremely well.
We thought we’d share with you the layers we recommend in cold weather:


3 x thermal long sleeve layers, thin fleece, thick fleece


Thermal trousers, thick fleece trousers, thin socks, thick thermal socks


Winter waterproofs, thin gloves/mittens, thick gloves/mittens, scarf/balaclava, warm hat – in this weather children must all have a warm hat and gloves


Spares to be carried in their rucksack, in a waterproof bag and labelled. Bag 1 - spare trousers, underwear, jumper, Bag 2 – spare hat, gloves, socks.

If you have opted out of winter waterproofs, we’d recommend another fleece layer on the core and longer thermal socks rather than just ankle socks.
Warm wellies/waterproof walking boots or snow boots on the bottom complete the Michelin man look – padded but toasty warm!
If you’re ever unsure of whether you have provided enough layers for your little one, please ask the team at drop-off. They will be happy to help as the absolutely last thing we want is cold, unhappy children in the forest.


Have a fantastic week!