Wimbledon - Building dens!

Our Week in the Forest...

Together, children can achieve anything. This cold week spurred the children to collaborate in the building and creating of lots of big features throughout the forest. Constructing houses took up many hours over several days as the children searched for the best resources and tools to build with. Then, once found, they came together as a group to place things exactly where they needed to go or assist each other in the carrying of bigger and heavier branches and logs. Other shelters were put up using large tarpaulins and the children were very keen to nest and make the shelter a home. The floor was swept clear of leaves and, using the mud kitchen equipment, the rooms of the house were imagined and created. If all this wasn’t enough, a huge group of children set themselves the challenge of building a police car using logs, branches and even a pallet. All this spurred their imaginative play and almost all the children in base camp were drawn into the police play!

Wimbledon  24:11:2017  1.jpg

This week saw the grand return of fire to Fishpond Woods. Gathering the resources for the fire drew many children and they collected vast amounts of sticks and branches of all shapes and sizes. With everything set up, the children listened to the rules about the fire to keep themselves safe and then enjoyed eating their lunch while the adults used started the fire. In the afternoon when the fire was roaring it came with treats! Popcorn was wonderfully engaging to cook over the fire, and with the pops and the bangs in the frying pan, the children laughed and giggled.

There’s no better way to spend a cold day. Unless of course, it’s snowing!

Wimbledon 1:12:2017   2.jpg

Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk